Tuesday, 15 February 2011

If u think ure smart, define love.

Love. dude, what is love? is it a sinful act? a painful act? yes. love can be evertyhing. now let me tell you a story.a story of a boy who never knew love.

There was a boy. Lets call him Zack. Zack is a nerd. He never knew anything about anything else except his bestfriend which unfortunately is not a human; its his book. Zackis an excellent student. He gets everthing well. Each  every exams if his. He is loved by his teachers and parents.


One day, he met a girl.A beautiful girl. Lets call her.. Vanessa. Yeah. Thats her name. ok. so then they meet. At first meeting, Zack was speechless as Vanessa is soooooooooooo beautiful. Oh and i forgot to tell you that Zack is not living in our no. He is living in the LOVE world where everyone have a couple(as in a boy and a girl loving each other); well except for him of course.

Months after month, they were contacting each other. Zack n Vannesa. All of a sudden, they were a couple! Wow! A nerdy who have a girlfriend. Zack felt so proud that he wanted to tell to the world how he now have such a beautiful girlfriend. He did told the world.

Unfortunately, the action backfired on him. He thought that having a girlfriend is cool. That its a trend. Because nobody and i mean nobody had ever told him what is love before. Years after that, all the sweet became salt. No more sweetness and there were just nightmares. 

3 years after that, they broke up. and 30 minutes after that, police found Vanessa's body hanging on her room. She died. Because of love.And for Zack? Yeah. He jump of a buliding.SPLAT!! KO. Can you say whose fault it is?If you can, then you certainly can be a murderer.

Look. What im trying to say here is, you can fall in love. you can but please, love Allah, Rasullullah, ur parents and ur family first before loving someone else. And one more thing which I want to stres upon is that when you guys had become parents, please and please always remind your child know what love is. Dont hesitate to say it out loud coz kids cant understand body language. Speak. With words AND action.

Kids nowadays are totally differnt from those back in the days.They live in a world full of corruption, dirtiness and everthing. So when you want to explain something to them please let them be clear of it. If something does happen, say to him/her nicely the way she likes it. The things is; let them learn from the mistakes bcoz experiences is an excellent teacher.

p/s: I love my mom,dad,apis n adik. You guys had taught me a lot. thanks. :))

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